Упаковка при доставке ресторан Ил Фаро
Упаковка при доставке ресторан Ил Фаро
Упаковка при доставке ресторан Ил Фаро
Упаковка при доставке ресторан Ил Фаро

Delivery of dishes is carried out in the city of Volzhsky, with the order amount of 1000 rubles

Taking care of the quality of the dishes delivered, in the restaurant “Il Faro” the dishes are packed in a fully sealed packaging before delivery.
This allows not only to preserve the taste and aroma such as the cook has planned and prepared, but also guarantees the integrity and your safety.

Attention: when ordering delivery of food in a sealed package, the cost of a container for packing one dish is 40-60 rubles and is paid additionally to the order amount.
For the packaging of pizza special cardboard boxes are used.

Terms of delivery

  • Time of order acceptance from 11:30 to 22:00
  • The minimum order amount is 1000 rubles
  • Method of payment: cash
  • Drinks containing alcohol are not delivered.

How to order delivery?

You can order the delivery of dishes in one of the ways:
(Online ordering service is temporarily unavailable, in testing mode)
1. Choose your favorite dishes in the “Menu” and add them to the shopping cart on the site, fill in the necessary information on the shopping cart page and send the order.
2. Call by phone +7 (961) 66-888-44 and leave a request to the operator.


At the moment, it is only possible to pay cash to the courier upon delivery of the order.

How to apply for delivery on the site?

(Online ordering service is temporarily unavailable, in testing mode)
Choose in the “Menu” section the dish you want to order and go to its page by clicking on the image or name.
On the dish page, add it to the basket by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button. You can add a dish as many times as you need.
Then go to the basket page, here you can change the amount of each of the dishes or delete unnecessary ones.
Fill out the necessary data for the delivery and send the order.

How quickly will the order be delivered?

After sending the order, the operator will contact you to confirm the order and refine the details, after that he will be able to specify the time during which the order is delivered.
Delivery time depends on the location of the customer, the number and assortment of dishes. If the order only pizza and drinks, the delivery will take no more than an hour.
If the order of a meal, the preparation of which requires additional time, the delivery time may increase.

Can I change the order after sending?

Contact the operator by phone +7 (961) 66-888-44 and specify such an opportunity.

How much does the delivery cost?

When ordering from 1000 rubles, delivery is free of charge.

Can I pick up my order myself?

Oh sure. You can write about this when sending an application from the site or inform the operator. At the right time you can get an order directly at the restaurant.


No, alcoholic beverages are not delivered.


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